What is JA▪ER

JA▪ER is a very simple thing to explain.  It may sound like something exotic and foreign, but I assure you it is something else.  They say necessity is the mother of all invention and I had the necessity.  JA▪ER was born.  I had many names for what I was going to call it at first.  My ideas for outdoor/emergency products was something different.  These aren’t mass produced in a factory. They are assembled and tested by our hands.  

So what do you call the the thing you created that can change the world as we know it? That was the easiest question I could ever answer. You call it JA▪ER! Pronounced  JA(Jay)▪ER(er).  Why? Because each is the first two letters of each of my sons' names - Jaydon & Eric.  The two things that I helped create that can change the face of everything as we know it.  My inspiration, my joy, my children have given me the idea to help others in a way I have not done before.   

So when you look at this product, know that you are looking at a family. A family dedicated to helping you.   

Welcome to the JA▪ER family!

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