Proof is in the Puddin'

"My name is Anita. I believe that things in your life happen for a reason. We don’t always know why, but I know that in my situation I was meant to accomplish overcoming a great challenge. I was born with cerebral palsy and so things don’t come as easy to me as they do most people.

Ever Since I have started the Program there is a dramatic improvement in how I feel.  After the session, I find I sleep much more comfortably. My legs are loose and have more range of motion. My toes are relaxed I feel like the blood flow is better. Sometimes I still feel relaxed and flexible the following morning. I am able to walk longer in comparison to when I didn’t have a session. When I am tight, I cannot move well and usually this caused me to feel tired quicker.

Before I started the program. I would fall down frequently, I would not sleep well.  In the middle of the night I would get up from spasms in my lower body.  My legs would get stiff and I would even wake up in the morning not feeling rested. The  program has enhanced and improved my life in ways I could not have imagined."

Anita T.

"My name is Steven W. and I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth.  Over the years it has affected me physically in many ways. As a boy I suffered from sever torsion of the left foot and a limp. Additionally I have limited use of my left arm and hand as well as spasticity in my neck.  Essentially I was walking on the side of my foot. My neck was contorted to the left side and my range of motion was decreased. 

Surgery on my Achilles’ tendon helped to straighten my foot and make walking easier.  Yet I still limped and my body was hunched toward the left. Several physicians then told me my left leg was shorter than my right. The solution was a lift that I had attached to the left shoe. However the lift did not ultimately help. My gait and posture has remained the same since the surgery.  For many years my condition was static.

I met Mr. Lioi though a common friend.  Using simple manipulation and then strength training my posture improved. The manipulations are deceptively simple. Mr. Lioi applied mild pressure to my shoulders and neck. I was quite surprised that I saw results after a few sessions. People commented that I was standing straighter and my neck was not listing.  I also noticed my ranged of motion in my arms and neck improved significantly. After establishing this new baseline, Mr. Lioi concentrated on working several muscle groups which had either never developed strength or had weaken.  

Mr. Lioi still needed to manipulate my back and shoulders to maintain my improvements. However they were needed less frequently as the effects started to last longer. 

My neck is a concrete illustration of how Mr. Lioi’s program helped me.  For several years I have been treated by a neurologist.  She treated the spasticity in the neck with Botox with some success. Mr. Lioi started to treat it in conjunction.  After his manipulations my neck muscles were less tight and I was able to twist my neck in both directions further than I had previously. Thus his program amplified the affects of the Botox. There was another unexpected benefit of his work. I needed Botox treatment less often. Trust me not having needles stuck into muscles as often is a very good thing.

In summary, Mr. Lioi’s program is beneficial. This may sound cheesy however his program works well. It requires little to no equipment. As I stated he just works various muscle groups using slight resistance. The effects are palpable and long lasting.  He improved my posture and range of motion.  I would and did recommend him to others with similar conditions to mine.”

Steven W.

"Over the past several years, Larry Lioi has been my personal trainer, and simply stated, it has been to my great benefit. Based on a foundation of uncompromising attention to safety, Larry has designed countless routines, circuits regimens, and “tortures”, all individualized to my body type, biomechanical strengths & weaknesses, and fitness goals. He has introduced numerous tools to my personal fitness armamentarium (bosu ball, kettlebells, kickboxing, flex bands, yoga) and has custom designed equipment that I use regularly in outdoor “heavy metal” workouts as well.   When a minor ache or pain arises, he uses a personally honed set of techniques dubbed PMA to readjust the gamma motoneuron system to retune the pain threshold without compromising either safety or performance. It is this last technique and talent that Larry has been able to use on several cerebral palsy patients to their benefit, a technique that merits wide application within this community, as well as within the realm of rehabilitation of conventional injuries/deficits, both sporadic and congenital. This would include rehabilitation for all joint replacements, all medical maladies requiring reconditioning, traumatic brain injury, as well as all forms of cerebral palsy.

While I can personally attest to increased cardiovascular stamina, strength, and muscular endurance under Larry’s guidance."

Dr. Richard S.

I first met Larry about eight (8) years ago when I was just an "adolescent of a trainer”.  Larry was introduced to me as a BIOMECHANICS SPECIALIST. From his title, I knew this guy knew his stuff. (We've been rocking ever since). I came to Larry around a year ago asking him if he could help me start my own gym. His words exactly: "Dude, I'd love to help you do that!" 😊 So at that response, I knew I was going to be okay. Larry taught me the pros and cons of how to structure my business plan. As a trainer, I had some structure, but no real FINANCIAL GOAL, so at that point he challenged me with what I needed to have and equipped me with a proper PLAN to do so. If it wasn't for Larry helping me develop the mindset, structure behind how to plan, then I wouldn't have been able to get where I am today. I am currently bringing in a little under $6800/month due to his guidance and mentorship. I had to BELIEVE I could do more. He helped me believe, and that is the sign of a true leader. I am very appreciative of Larry and his mentorship. He also keeps it very REAL. Larry is THE MAN. Hands down.

Jonathan M. - NY