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Changing the way you get safe, clean drinking water!!

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Welcome to JA▪ER! A portable, solar powered, water filtration product for camping, hiking, and any survival needs.  

What's in the kit?

- Solar Panel

- Submersible water pump

- On/Off Switch

- Connection hoses

- Starter Filter

- One (1) Gallon collapsible bag for water storage

- Rugged, water resistant, carry case.  

Total weight is less than 7lbs making it easy to carry and transfer.    

Just drop the submersible pump in any water source (non salt water).  Position the panel into direct sunlight and turn it on.  Water will be pushed through the pump, then the filter, resulting in safer, cleaner, drinking water.  

The effects of hurricanes have been seen across the world.  This unit can help provide clean drinking water by the gallons with little to no effort from the user. And at home, during severe weather, the JAER Unit can help keep a family alive until help arrives.  Not too mention the reduction of plastic bottle use.

Everyone deserves safe, clean drinking water.  The JA▪ER System can help provide that! 

Contact today with any questions or to pre-order your very own water filtration system! 

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